Sonntag, 7. September 2008

Mystic Quest - Bogards house - Game Boy Diorama

I love RPG´s, and this is one in which i spend lots of hours in my childhood. It the Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest version for the good old GAME BOY. In the shown scene the game-hero meets a old knight at some huge waterfalls. This diorama was very difficult to develop, because GAME BOY graphic´s, are not even really in 2D. It´s ready to be build up, but I haven´t finished a assemble-manual yet. But I will give the manual later. The post will contain a few pic´s to explain how to build up these Diorama. Place the trees like in the GAME screen shot.
Hope you like it. ^^

download here (PDF)

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thomas hat gesagt…

this is great ! i love the game and i love this idea :D