Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Zelda - Medallions

Here are some mighty Medallions, from the well known Fantasy series ZELDA. :)

Bombos Medallion
One of the strongest weapons in the game. The bombos medallion powers up the Master Sword with the abilty to create a circle of flames. The flames will burn and defeat nearly every enemy in the game.

Ether Medallion
The ether medallion powers up the Master Sword with the ability to freeze. When used, all enemies on screen will freeze to solid ice. The ether medallion is needed to reveal the entrance to the dungeon in Misery Mire.

Quake Medallion
This medallion powers the master sword with the ability to make an Earthquake like rumble. Link will jump and plant his sword into the ground, rumbling everything on the screen killing or altering most enemies. Quake is needed to open up the entrance to Turtle Rock.

hope you like them!!!

download the:
Quake Medallion (PDO)
Ether Medallion (PDO)
Bombos Medallion (PDO)


Skelekitty hat gesagt…

I'm so glad that you're back into the papercrafting again - I love your nintendo-related models.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey, thanks!!! :)